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We design, build and support systems that help you manage the day to day running of your business. Everything from accounting and stock management to sales, purchases and project management. By joining up your business processes we can help you improve efficiency, reduce errors and achieve your business goals. Our core business is based around open source software and Tryton - a flexible, scalable, and secure business management and accounting solution.


System Development

We can work with you on everything from system analysis and design, to customisation, installation, configuration and data migration. All using servers of your choice, either in the cloud, or at your premises.

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Cloud Services

Tryton as a service in the cloud. These packages are ideal for individuals and businesses that do not want to manage on-site infrastructure.

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Support and Maintenance

The right level of support and maintenance to fit your requirements. Including things like email, phone or on-site support, system monitoring, automated backups, user training, and system reviews, updates and improvements.

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