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Open-source software is a type of computer software where the source code is freely available so anyone can inspect, modify and enhance it. It is normally created in a open and transparent way by a community of developers from around the world.


Source Code

Source code is the design and building blocks for a computer program. For open-source software it is always freely available.

What is source code?

About Open-Source

Open-source software is used by companies of all sizes ranging from sole-traders up to some of the biggest international businesses.

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Why we support it

Flexibility, transparency, collaboration, and value for money. These allow us to work more effectively and we can pass these benefits on to you.

Open-Source Applications

There are open-source alternatives for a wide range of different applications. We can provide help installing, setting up, and supporting systems that use open-source software.

Open-Source Projects

Open-source software is used in all sorts of places, from cookers, DVD players, and mobile phones to businesses and the top 500 super computers.

You can find our open-source project repositories on bitbucket and github.

Here are a few widely used open-source projects you might have heard of:

  • Android

    powered by the Android Open Source Project this is the operating system that runs on the majority of non-Apple mobile phones.

  • Chromium

    an open-source web browser that is the basis for both Google's Chrome and Microsoft's most recent Edge web browsers.

  • Firefox

    the free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla.

  • Linux

    the kernel that is used by some open-source computer operating system distributions.

  • Nginx

    one of the most widely used web servers, used by some of the busiest websites on the internet.

  • Safari

    Apple's web browser is powered by the Webkit open-source browser engine.