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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy is for this website,, and covers the use of internet cookies by this website. Other sites to which this website may be linked are not covered by this policy.

The purpose of this policy is to explain to you what cookies are, and how we use cookies on this website.

General Policy

We only use first-party session cookies that are strictly necessary for the site's features.

We don't use third-party cookies or third-party content that uses cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent to your web browser by websites when you visit them. This data is stored by your web browser, and then sent back to the website each time you request something from it. These cookies enable websites to remember things like your shopping cart contents, and whether you are logged in or not.

Third-party Cookies

When web pages feature content from external sites, such as advertising or even invisible content, these third-party sites can also send you cookies. These cookies are then sent back to the third-parties when you visit pages on other site that contains their content. So, as you move between different sites that feature this third-party content, the third-parties can build up a history of what sites and pages you have been visiting. This is just one of the ways that some companies track you as you use the internet.

How We Use Cookies

On this site we use only strictly necessary cookies. The only things these cookies are used for are:

  • keeping you logged in, and enabling the Web Form to work on the Contact Us page.

We do not feature advertisements or content from any external sites so none of our pages will send you third-party cookies.

Cookies that we use are:

  • session (

Choices Regarding Cookies

You can normally instruct your web browser to block or delete cookies, there are some links below with instructions on how to do that for a selection of the more common web browsers.

Resources and Further Information

You can learn more about cookies from these websites:

This cookie policy was last updated on 2021-03-29.