System Development

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System Development


We are able to work with you on a full life cycle of a project from initial design stages through to customisation and deployment. If you do not need all of these services then we can provide you with just the ones you want.

Our systems are normally based on Tryton and open-source software.

Analysis and Design

Working out what you need.

  • Analysis

    The aim of the analysis stage is to get a proper understanding of your business. This enables a design to be created that will align with your business requirements and goals, and which incorporates your existing business processes where desired.

    Working with you and the people at your company we ensure that we fully understand your current processes, and how the data flows within your organisation. This information is then analysed to determine where there are opportunities for efficiency gains and automation.

    This also helps determine the scope of the project and ensures that all the security, compliance, performance and business requirements are balanced against costs. It's much better to identify any problems or gaps in your systems at this stage so that solutions to them can be included in the design.

  • Design

    Our designs are normally based around the Tryton framework and a range of other open-source tools and software packages. By using these we have a great platform to work from, as they provide the majority of things required in a typical system and are already written and extensively tested. This results in reduced development time and lower costs.

    With the budget as a guide we work alongside you to create a system design. We consider security, compliance and performance requirements during the design process, and ensure that disaster recovery and business continuity is not forgotten. We also keep in mind future support and maintenance, which is greatly helped by using existing frameworks and platforms.

    The result of the design stage is a blueprint for a system that meets your requirements. This blueprint documents what development and customisation is required for your system.


Building a system to fit your requirements.

  • Customisation

    We customise a selection of open-source software packages to create an integrated system, which can support your unique processes and requirements. By using existing high quality open-source software we reduce the initial development costs of a bespoke system and also the ongoing support and maintenance costs.

    Where necessary we can develop software, web services and tools to perform specific tasks, or talk to third-party APIs to produce a fully integrated system. We can also create Tryton modules to help automate tasks.

    Document templates, such as those for invoices and delivery notes, can be designed to match your company's branding, and we can create dashboards, graphs and reports that let you view and analyse your data.

    After the customisation stage everything will be in place ready to deploy your chosen solution.

  • Module Creation

    As part of the customisation stage, or as a stand alone service, we can design, create and maintain custom Tryton modules.

    We listen closely to your requirements, and then work with you to ensure that we develop a module that provides the functionality that you need.

    All modules that we develop are created to the highest quality standards with full automated test suites to help reduce defects and to enable easier future maintenance. Documentation is also created to suit your requirements.

    The result is a high quality module that meets your requirements, works as expected, and is easy to support and maintain.


Getting your system up and running.

  • Installation

    We can install your system on servers of your choice, either in the cloud, or at your premises. This is normally pretty straightforward because we package our systems and tools so they are ready for installation and scaling.

    We always install and use standard security features and encryption to help improve the security of any systems that we setup.

    During this stage we will also install any additional services that you require, such as firewalls, DNS and email relays. If you need things like system monitoring, remote logging, or automatic backups, then we will install the tools required for these too.

    Once your system has been installed on the servers of your choice the running system will be ready for first-time setup and configuration.

  • Configuration

    Once your system has been installed we can help with first-time setup and configuration. This includes some initial data entry to get your system ready to go.

    After this you will have a running system that is ready for use. You may also want to consider migrating data from your old system to allow you to see and and analyse historic data along with all the new data that you generate.

  • Data Migration

    If you have data in your old system that you would like to be able to view and analyse in your new system, then we can help process and transfer this data across.

    If the data needs restructuring or processing before it can be imported, then we can help with that too.

    Once all of this has been done then the data will be available in your system. You may then want to look at our support and maintenance services to ensure your systems keep working as intended.


We can provide you with a quote for a project or a specific task. Alternatively we can work on an hourly basis.


Pricedper project

Prices are based on:

  • the expected duration of the project
  • the nature of the work that is required


£50per hour

Work is billed in 15 minute increments.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get the ball rolling.