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System Development


We are able to work with you on a full life cycle of a project from initial design stages through to customisation and deployment. If you do not need all of these services then we can provide you with just the ones you want.

Our systems are normally based on Tryton and open-source software.

Analysis and Design

Working out what you need.


Understanding your business is vital in order to create a solution that aligns with your business requirements and goals. Analysing your current processes, and how the data flows, within your organisation can highlight areas where automation and efficiency gains can be made. The projects scope and security, compliance, performance and business requirements are established and balanced against costs.


We normally design around the Tryton framework and a range of open-source tools which provide the majority of things required in a typical system. This results in reduced development time and lower costs. Security, compliance and performance requirements are considered and disaster recovery and business continuity is not forgotten. Future support and maintenance is greatly helped by using existing software.


Building a system to fit your requirements.


By customising existing open-source software we reduce the initial development costs and the ongoing support and maintenance costs. When required we develop software, web services and tools to perform specific tasks, or interface with third-party APIs to produce a fully integrated system. Company specific dashboards, graphs, and reports let you view and analyse your data. Branded templates for things like invoices and delivery notes help your company stand out.

Module Creation

As part of the customisation stage, or as a stand alone service, we can design, create and maintain custom Tryton modules. These are used to change how Tryton works, and to add new functionality to existing Tryton systems. All the modules that we develop are created to the highest quality standards with full automated test suites to help reduce defects and enable easier future maintenance. Documentation is also created to suit your requirements.


Getting your system up and running.


Installation can be done on servers of your choice, either in the cloud, or at your premises. This is made easier by the use of tools to pre-package our systems so they are ready for deployment and scaling. Any additional services that you require, such as DNS or email relays can also be installed alongside the standard security, monitoring and backup services we provide.


We can help with first-time setup and configuration, including some initial data entry, in order to get your system ready to use. We can also provide advice on what settings are available and how you might want to change them based on changing circumstances.

Data Migration

In some cases you may want to move data from existing systems to a new system. We can help restructure or process this data so it will work with the new system. This data can then be brought into your system using a variety of different methods, depending on the complexity and quantity of data that needs importing.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get the ball rolling.